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The Bluegrass Birth Collective is a one-stop-shop for all your postpartum needs! We are proud to serve as a safe space where new moms can connect virtual and now, IN-PERSON with prenatal and postpartum experts. Our focus is to empower and educate women with an effective, realistic, and functional approach to living their best lives!

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We’ll create a plan that helps you not only feel your best but supports you and your family long-term. After all, a happy and healthy mom makes the world of a difference in her home and her community.

Our physical therapists guide women through pregnancy and postpartum related issues to improve movement, reduce pain, and maximize function.

Our breastfeeding experts are trained to support and counsel mothers through breastfeeding difficulties.

Our very own Mommy Method Fitness Program was designed with new and expecting moms in mind.

Our Doulas are trained non-medical companions that provide support and education to the mother, baby, and entire family.

Our registered dietitians are experts in food strategies to help moms incorporate nutrient dense food into a busy lifestyle, optimize health, navigate food allergies, and manage weight loss goals.

Licensed counselors and psychologists are equipped to assist women through issues such as postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. Contact us for a referral!

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At New Mom Guru, we are simply moms helping other moms. We offer a community of support (because we’ve been there) and resources (because we’ve studied and practiced our butts off.) And the best part, it can all happen from the convenience of your smart phone, tablet, or computer. In the end, we just want to help walk other moms through this season of life.

As we all know, we can’t do this mom thing alone.

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Located behind the Lexington Healing Arts Academy. Turn left before the overpass and train tracks.