The Story

of how we got started

Hey, it’s Ashley! The Founder and CEO of New Mom Guru. I know, it’s a catchy name, but let me tell you: The story of New Mom Guru and this business was born out of my own crazy experiences as a new mother.

It all started with my first child, when I had an emergency C-section. It was both painful and terrifying. I was sent home to basically “figure it out on my own.” I had an allergic reaction around my incision and ended up with an infection. I also had a LOT of trouble breastfeeding, but was determined to make it work. This was an especially sensitive topic, since I didn’t get the delivery I had “envisioned.”

From there, I received some bad lactation advice…which almost ruined the experience. Fortunately, my OB saved the day and got me back on track! I made it to a year breastfeeding. Trust me, though, it was hard the entire time.

With my second child, I ended up with a VBAC and a 4th-degree tear. The recovery was awful, as you can imagine. This meant WEEKLY OB/GYN appointments for 12 full weeks! I had a terrible infection due to the location of the tear and was on antibiotics for two whole months. I ended up with an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, and had a head to toe rash for a couple of weeks as well.

The physical recovery from that trauma was intense.

In retrospect, what amazed me was that my OB never once referred me to a Pelvic Floor PT. As a PT myself, I never took the initiative to seek it out! I was way too exhausted to think about leaving home for another appointment, dragging around the diaper bag and stroller, and planning my appointment around my baby’s feeding schedule.

I did actually end up on my back, in stirrups, trying to breastfeed at one point! When babies cry, you answer, right?

When it Came To

my work + healthcare

The other part of the Story of New Mom Guru started in my job. As a Home Health Physical Therapist, I was constantly helping people face the consequences of their lifelong health neglect. I was doing this all while under the watchful eye of VERY restrictive insurance regulations.

I always knew that our bodies were our greatest resource. As a new mom, I made the connection between this way of thinking and how women are currently cared for in the postpartum period.

I knew we could do this SO much better! I understood that telehealth had been a form of practice in traditional medicine for decades and realized that this method of healthcare deliver was now gaining traction in the therapy world.

This realization combined with my own experiences as a new mom (oh hey, paragraph above), and frustrations as a healthcare provider myself, led to the “conception” of New Mom Guru.

You won’t find ANYBODY combining all of these services new moms need  in one place. And a virtual place at that!

You May Be Wondering

if this is right for you...

  • Are you experiencing physical symptoms related to pregnancy/birth?
  • Do you lack the time/energy/babysitter (etc.) to go to an outpatient appointment?
  • Would you rather save PTO for vacations, instead of for doctor’s appointments?
  • Do you have a baby with a food allergy?
  • Have trouble breastfeeding?
  • Are you experiencing pain with sex?
  • Do you plan on breastfeeding, but have no idea where to start?
  • Are you unsure when you can return to activity/exercise?
  • Are you experiencing postpartum anxiety or depression?
  • Are you lacking support during your pregnancy and birth preparation?

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