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Dr. Ashley Plowman

Physical Therapist

Pelvic Health Specialist

We’ve been providing virtual Women’s Health services since 2019! It’s hard to believe a full year has gone by, but 2020 has taught us so much! One of the biggest take a ways was that women in Central Kentucky don’t have enough resources or options when it comes to women’s health issues….so we have set out to change that! Beginning in December 2020, New Mom Guru will we scheduling in-person Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy sessions at our Harrodsburg Road clinic, located at the Fayette County/Jessamine County line. 

Tuesday09:00 -4:00
Thursday09:00 - 4:00

Located near Southland Christian Church, across from Bellerive Kroger on Harrodsburg Road

105 Wind Haven Drive

Suite 3

Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

New Mom Guru Center for Women's Health

$120avg copay + deductible (per visit) / 50 min appointment
  • Treatment provided by Doctor of Physical Therapy (not aides, technicians, or assistants)
  • One on one appointment
  • Quiet, secluded office space for privacy
  • No interruptions
  • You direct your treatment plan, not the insurance company
  • 1x/week on average
  • Telehealth options available
  • HSA/FSA cards accepted
  • Superbill provided so you can request reimbursement from your insurance company (reimbursement not guaranteed)
FREE Consultation

Corporate Clinics

Run By Insurance
$30-50 avg copay + deductible (per visit) / 50 min appointment
  • A portion of treatment often provided by support staff (aides, technicians, or assistants)
  • Usually scheduled with other patients at the same time
  • Busy clinics with frequent interruptions
  • Increased potential COVID exposure
  • Providers pressured by corporate productivity requirements
  • Often 2-3x/week
if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy

Why NMG?

Why go to a busy orthopedic clinic when a peaceful, private, specialty clinic is at your fingertips? Women’s Health is ALL we do. That’s it….so we’ve gotten pretty good at it. While you’re at The New Mom Guru Center for Women’s Health, you are our only priority….sounds an awful lot like “me time”, doesn’t it?!

What To Expect

from us
Your Goals

Your goals are our number one priority. Since we are not enslaved to the insurance machine, we can truly provide patient-centered care for our clients. Visit 1 will help us establish exactly what your goals and priorities are, as well as a timeline for achieving them. Don’t have time to come every week? We can work with that. Not sure if your budget supports weekly visits? That’s ok too, we can find a plan that you are comfortable with. 


Your first visit will include a comprehensive evaluation to help direct your plan of care. In most cases, this will include a variety of customized exercises that help to balance strength, flexibility, range of motion, and above all, optimize function! Since the pelvic floor does not work in isolation from other areas of your body, your exercise prescription is likely to include activities targeted at the hips, abdominals, back muscles, and even your upper body. Your Physical Therapist will include all your exercises on our secure patient portal, PTEverywhere. You can access pictures, videos, and written descriptions of your exercises anywhere from your phone, tablet, or computer, and we’ve even included a tracking tool to help you keep track of your progress!


Flexibility and range of motion are SO important, but especially when it comes to the AMAZING pelvic floor! This area of the body is responsible for so many critical functions (peeing, pooping, stability/balance, motion, sex, childbirth), so it makes sense that we ought to ensure the pelvic floor is working properly. Just like your knee, the pelvic floor can become stiff or lose flexibility for a number of reasons. The good news is, we can combat this issue with expertly prescribed flexibility and range of motion exercises, as well as breathing techniques to make sure your pelvic floor is in tip top shape!

Tips for daily life

So much of what we do as Physical Therapists is observing and assessing the body in motion. Think about all the movements and tasks you do in any given day and how they might add up over time…your body goes through a lot! As movement specialists, Physical Therapists are perfectly suited to give you simple + super helpful tips for easing your symptoms, getting through your day, and conserving time + energy. 

A Pelvic Exam

Pelvic Floor Evaluations often include an external and internal pelvic exam. This part of an assessment gives us valuable information on how to guide your plan of care and your provider may recommend this as an ongoing method of treatment, however this aspect of our evaluation is optional. You can opt out at any time, for any reason, without issue. 

A Plan For Home

You will have the best chance of success when you continue with your plan of care at home! Your Physical Therapist will teach you all the tricks of the trade so that you know exactly how to heal your body, maintain your progress, and prepare for whatever comes next. Your patient portal on PTEverywhere will give you access to all your exercises, your health tracker, schedule, and secure HIPPA enabled messaging system so that you can be connected to New Mom Guru anytime. 

Happy Clients

happy mamas

I am so thankful for New Mom Guru! As a first time mother, I didn’t know what to expect postpartum. Unfortunately, the delivery didn’t go as planned and I had a 4th degree tear. Weeks following the delivery, I was in so much pain. My Doctor recommended physical therapy, but realistically I knew making it to appointments was going to be hard. This is why New Mom Guru was a lifesaver! I was able to have physical therapy from the comfort of my own home. Both PT’s who helped me were also mothers, so I felt like they were able to relate. Not only did they help with pelvic floor exercises, but they genuinely seemed to care about my progress.

Client Love at New Mom Guru
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