Why telehealth

vs traditional care
  • Telehealth allows better outcomes due to earlier access. At NMG, we are removing barriers such as travel time, childcare, and taking PTO. There is SO MUCH we can do as providers, starting from the moment of conception/birth!
  • Telehealth provides care for those in the early postpartum phase who are unable to leave home due to pain, sickness, or healing from delivery.
  • Telehealth allows you to set up an appointment on your lunch hour, over the weekend, or even while the baby is sleeping.
  • The most important part of an effective assessment is getting detailed information on the client’s complaints, birth history, current physical condition, and goals. Telehealth can easily allow our providers to do this through a virtual visit.
  • With telehealth, appropriate interventions/treatments/exercises are described/demonstrated via video conferencing. After the session, you (as the patient) will receive a summary of your visit via email (which can then be referenced later!)


  • Expert care from PTs, Doulas, Registered Dietitians, Lactation Consultants, Counselors, and Fitness Experts
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Done in the Privacy of your Own Home 
  • Insurance May Cover
  • Location of Provider Irrelevant 
  • Short Wait Time
  • No Travel Time


  • Expert care from Specialists Available in your Local Area
  • Hands on Treatment
  • Insurance May Cover
  • Provider May be 2-3 Hours Away
  • Long Wait Times for most In-person Pelvic Floor Clinics

How Telehealth Works

it really is that easy!

Select and reserve your appointment time. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your virtual visit and we will send email/text reminders as your appointment approaches.

Click on the link and “arrive” to your appointment. Your provider will be waiting for you!

Prior to your visit, you will be given a “tips” list to ensure the best possible experience! (Turn off all streaming services for best quality, arrive at least 5 minutes early, find a quiet space if possible, use ear buds, etc.)

There’s no need to take notes (unless you want to!) Your provider will email you a re-cap of each visit so that you can review as needed, because, of course … #mombrain

Postpartum Help for Moms and Babies
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