• Expert care from PTs, Doulas, Registered Dietitians, + Lactation Consultants
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Done in the Privacy of your Own Home 
  • Clients can apply for reimbursement from their insurance carrier 
  • Short Wait Time
  • No Travel Time



  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy visits for New Mom Guru clients located in Kentucky
  • Hands on Treatment
  • Clients can apply for reimbursement from their insurance carrier
  • Can be used in conjunction with Telehealth appointments


vs Traditional Care

  • Telehealth allows better outcomes due to earlier access. At NMG, we are removing barriers such as travel time, childcare, and taking PTO. There is SO MUCH we can do as providers, starting from the moment of conception/birth!
  • Telehealth provides care for those in the early postpartum phase who are unable to leave home due to pain, sickness, or healing from delivery.
  • Telehealth allows you to set up an appointment on your lunch hour, over the weekend, or even while the baby is sleeping.
  • The most important part of an effective assessment is getting detailed information on the client’s complaints, birth history, current physical condition, and goals. Telehealth can easily allow our providers to do this through a virtual visit.
  • With telehealth, appropriate interventions/treatments/exercises are described/demonstrated via video conferencing. After the session, you (as the patient) will receive a summary of your visit via email (which can then be referenced later!)

Does This

sound like you?

  1. I’m a first time mom
    I just had a baby (lady in the back with 5 kids, this is for YOU!)
  2. I am pregnant
  3. I am having trouble breastfeeding
  4. I have a baby who has food allergies
  5. I am experiencing urine/bowel leakage
  6. I am experiencing pain (back, neck, etc.)
  7. I am having pain with sex
  8. I had a tear during childbirth
  9. I had a c-section
  10. I want to start exercising again
  11. I am experiencing postpartum anxiety/depression
  12. I have experienced pregnancy loss
  13. I am dealing with adoption/fostering
  14. I have older children, but I am still experiencing issues
  15. I didn’t receive treatment after previous births, but I still have complications

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