when you work with us you get

Prompt customer service. That means a 48 business hour response or less!

Referral to our Center for Women’s Health in Kentucky, or to your local provider if located outside Kentucky. If you are not a good candidate for telehealth, we help you connect with someone who can help!

Clinical Excellence! We always connect our clients with capable, compassionate providers.
Education on #allthethings. We teach you the necessary strategies to navigate this new mom life.

Top Knot Approved

(and preferred)

Hey, mama! You don’t need a referral from your doctor. You don’t have to leave home. You don’t have to take PTO. New Mom Guru gives you an immediate, convenient solution to address your health and wellness concerns. We are a “one stop shop” where your providers can coordinate and collaborate for the most holistic approach possible. New Mom Guru is proud to work with underserved areas and populations, specifically military mamas and rural regions with limited or no access to specialists. That’s right … you can plug in anytime, anywhere.

Excellence in

Clinical Care

We know how stressful, exhausting, amazing, brutal, and beautiful motherhood can be. Our team has your back! Our customer experience is of the utmost importance, and we know that a thrilled mama is a cared-for and listened-to mama. This is why we work with a network of community partners who can see our clients in-person (when that is the best, most appropriate way to receive care.) Our providers are all licensed and credentialed, with current and unsanctioned licenses, who have undergone our detailed hiring and training process. We follow best practice patient privacy guidelines, adhere to all discipline specific state and national regulations, have developed multiple quality assurance tools, and rely heavily on your feedback to further improve our processes and patient experiences.

Payment + Insurance

helping other moms

We are considered Out of Network providers, meaning we do not have an agreement with insurance companies.

We charge a 50% deposit at the time you book your appointment, the remainder is charged when the visit is completed.

We do it this way for several reasons:

1.) It improves patient care, since we are not held hostage to arbitrary insurance regulations.

2.) It gives us a lot more flexibility in our day to day operations, which translates to more options for you.

3.) We can give better one-on one care. You will never receive care from a technician or assistant and our appointments are one-on-one only.

4.) This allows us to condense our visits in many cases, giving you more time in your busy schedule. You would likely pay as much or more in co-pays + deductibles to attend physical therapy visits with an in-network provider.

5.) Since we do not artificially inflate our costs (common practice in the in-network world, unfortunately), our rates are much lower than what other clinics charge. You will automatically receive an invoice on your secure patient portal after each visit and you can send this directly to your insurance provider to request reimbursement for the visit.


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