Are you currently pregnant or post-pregnancy and looking for fitness programs for moms specifically? You’re in the right place!

Most Physical Therapists would agree, function is the key to success! To be consistent with something, you need to see the value in it. It’s the same in all areas of life, and it holds especially true when it comes to exercise. This insight, combined with the fact that your health truly is your wealth, is what will help you begin to see fitness as a lifestyle, not a destination.

That’s why we are proud to offer two fitness options!

✭ PREP (Pelvic Rehab Exercise Program):

  • 6 levels of Pelvic Floor exercises with BONUS Diastasis Recovery Plan and Stretching Program included
  • Includes a FREE Pelvic Floor Consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Video tutorials to answer all your questions
  • Virtual program from the privacy of your home
  • Learn how to stop or reduce bladder leakage + heal your diastasis recti abdominis
  • Appropriate for any age and stage in life
  • Weekly pelvic floor strengthening progressions + video tutorials
  • Expert education on the pelvic floor + it’s function so that you understand your body and how you can help it!
  • Access to Doctors of Physical Therapy to answer your questions 
  • Private Consultations available
  • Affiliate program for current clients + discount for new client (10% coupon to share with friends/family and you receive $20 each time your code is used)!

New Mom Academy:

  • Monthly pregnancy + postpartum fitness plan ( $60 value monthly)
  • Monthly nutrition plan + grocery list ($40 value monthly)
  • Weekly tutorials on the Pelvic Floor (priceless!)
  • Weekly guest speakers 
  •  Breast-feeding 101 course ($30 value)
  • Surviving Pregnancy course ($30 value)
  •  Birth prep course ($30 value)
  • Postpartum 101 course ($30 value)
  • Your “new” body 101 course ($30 value)
  •  C-section recovery guide ($19)
  • Vaginal birth recovery guide ($19)
  •  Full library of free e-books



do this!

I want to heal my core + pelvic floor! 


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