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Postpartum Physical Therapy for Moms

Did you know that early access to individualized care has been shown to improve patient satisfaction and patient outcomes? At New Mom Guru, we are excited to offer Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy with in-person AND telehealth appointments for prenatal and postpartum mommas.

New Mom Guru Physical Therapists can evaluate women for common muskuloskeletal ailments throughout the pregnancy and postpartum continuum.

Our PT’s provide therapeutic exercise recommendations, proper breathing techniques, pelvic floor activation and relaxation, education on scar tissue massage, customized stretches, proper body mechanics, and advice on safe return to excercise/activity/sex.

Many women may experience bladder, bowel, or gas incontinence during pregnancy or after delivery. Our physical therapists are trained to provide education and interventions to resolve or significantly improve these sypmtoms. We not only want to restore confidence, we want to help provide strategies that help you deal with your every day activities.
Painful Sex
Our physical therapists are trained to assess various reasons behind painful sex (including, but not limited to overactive pelvic floor, hip tightness, and scar tissue immobility.) With the proper tools and advice on how and when to progress intimacy, you can once again enjoy a vibrant and passionate relationship with your partner.
Back + Hip Pain
Back and hip pain is extremely common during pregnancy for a variety of reasons. Women are often told there is nothing they can do until after birth, but there are in fact many strategies we can employ. This may include specific hip/core/pelvic floor strengthening (yes, you can do that while pregnant!), stretches, ergonomics training (proper lifting strategies for other children/car seat/stroller), body mechanics, and even positioning.
New mothers often report headaches and neck pain after having a baby. This can be related to a number of factors, including the postural shift that occurs with breast and belly growth, as well as poor posture with breastfeeding and caring for an infant. Effective treatments can include cervical, thoracic, and scapular muscle strengthening, upper body stretches, ergononmic training, and education on self/partner massage techniques.
Foot Pain
Change in weight distribution and subsequent strength/flexibility imbalances can cause common issues such as plantar fasciitis, which can be easily treated with education on specific stretches, foot/ankle/leg/hip strengthening, and arch support orthotics.
Return to Exercise
New Mom Guru offers prenatal and postpartum fitness coaching as well as custom fitness recommendations! Our physical therapists train on what activities to avoid, strategies on how to deal with difficult tasks, and provide information when to safely attempt new activities/progress your current routine. We even offer a Return to Running Program that can help you safely return to the activities you love. Check out our Fitness Programs here!

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