We are thrilled to announce SMART, a unique online prenatal + postpartum coaching program just for pregnant women! This 8 week course  is designed to make sense of common new mom concerns. We dive deep into ALL things motherhood with DAILY interaction from your new mom peers + live access and videos from our experts in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Breastfeeding, Diet + Nutrition, and Doula support! When you start SMART, you will enter motherhood prepared + confident, emerging as the best possible version of the new you!


We Cover Together:

Surviving Pregnancy

Whether you’re having your first baby or your third, you are bound to face some challenges and have some questions! Each woman and each pregnancy is unique, so we cover a broad range of topics so you are completely prepared! We will chat about birth plans, pregnancy do’s + don’ts, incontinence while pregnant, back pain while pregnant, morning sickness + cravings, strange things that happen in pregnancy, and how to pick a pump!

Birth Prep

Not knowing what to expect during birth causes a great deal of anxiety for most women, even if this isn’t your first baby! The unknowns can be scary, which is why we discuss home safety + hospital checklists, ways to induce and cope with labor, what to expect during labor, and more! 

A Mom Is Born

So much of the pregnancy experience is focused around what the baby needs, what to expect when baby comes, and how to care for baby….with very little attention directed towards what MOM needs + how to care for HER! In SMART, we cover topics such as postpartum recovery tips, breastfeeding, baby blues vs postpartum depression, foods to eat for postpartum recovery, gut health, alcohol + caffeine while breastfeeding, and a day in the life of a new mom.

Your New Body

Part of becoming a mom is experiencing the new body that comes with it….during pregnancy, birth, and in the postpartum period! There are so many ways to speed up your recovery,  help you understand your body, and what to expect! We will teach you all about potty posture and why it matters, the pelvic floor, body mechanics, incontinence, diastasis, the TA, wound healing, proper breathing (and why you should care), pelvic pain, and sex.

Return To Work

Being a mom is a job in itself, so returning to work can be a huge source of stress for moms! We are here to lay out all the issues you may face and help you develop a plan! We teach you how to build a breastmilk stash, breastfeeding laws + protection, return to work pump schedule, questions to ask at your OB follow up appointment, what to expect in the first year + common infant illnesses and developmental milestones to watch for! 

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