PREP: Pelvic Rehab Exercise Program

The pelvic floor is a source of confusion for most and is especially for moms (of any age)! We are here to demystify the pelvic floor and teach you how to heal yourself! 


With PREP you get: 

    6 week Pelvic Floor Bootcamp
    BONUS Diastasis Recovery Plan + BONUS Stretching Program included 
    Virtual program from the privacy of your home
    Appropriate for any age and stage in life
    Learn how to stop or reduce bladder leakage + heal your diastasis recti abdominis (ab separation)
    Weekly pelvic floor strengthening progressions + video tutorials
    Expert education on the pelvic floor + it’s function so that you understand your body and how you can help it!
    Access to Doctors of Physical Therapy to answer your questions
    Private Consultations available
    Affiliate program for current clients + discount for new client


What you can expect

with PREP

8 weeks

Our 6 week format paces you through a therapeutic progression of pelvic floor exercise, gradually increasing in difficulty. This allows you to safely increase your activity level so you can reach your goals, whether that is returning to running or picking up your grandchild without bladder leakage! 


This revolutionary way to deliver pelvic floor exercises allows women to conveniently access their routine and flow through a self paced program! PREP members receive weekly program progressions, videos from pelvic floor experts, and live access to Doctors of Physical Therapy, should any questions or concerns arise! 


Stress incontinence and urge incontinence are two topics discussed in PREP! Our experts provide general information, exercise progressions, and behavior modification strategies to reduce this problem so you can return to running, jumping, laughing, and sneezing so that you can get through your day, make it to the bathroom, and get a good night’s sleep! 

Core Strength

Many people don’t realize the extensive role the pelvic floor plays! It is responsible for maintaining continence (of urine, stool, and gas), sexual + reproductive function, and balance + mobility! Additionally, the pelvic floor coordinates with your core muscles to provide dynamic stability! PREP teaches you how to engage the entire core system to improve strength, stability, and heal your ab separation (diastasis recti abdominis). 

Expert Education

PREP is the exception to the rule….we are not just fitness enthusiasts, but Doctors of Physical Therapy! We have been through a rigorous educational curriculum and have extensive personal + professional experience with the pelvic floor! PREP is designed to isolate the pelvic floor + provide global strength and flexibility strategies. PREP was designed to prepare you to return to any activity you wish, whether that is a bootcamp style workout regimen, running, or simply being able to enjoy life without pelvic floor dysfunction! 

Are you ready

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Interested in booking a consultation with a physical therapist before beginning PREP? Click on:

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From there you will select a service. Choose Physical Therapy Consultation. Getting on the calendar with one of our clincians has never been easier!

is this a gift?

Interested in purchasing a session for someone else, or for yourself at a later date?

Email us at hello@newmomguru and we will be happy to assist you! 

Why an affiliate program?

Because there is no better way for mamas to hear about us than word of mouth! We are so pumped for you mama! Take advantage of the affiliate program and you can start saving for maternity leave NOW! All PREP members receive an affiliate link to share with family + friends for a 10% discount! Each time this link is used to register for the program, you get $20 as a thank you from us! 

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