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Physical Therapy Services

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

A specialty of PT where a musculoskeletal specialist evaluates symptoms such as pain (pelvis/back/neck/hips), urinary/bowel/gas incontinence, sexual dysfunction, diastasis rectus abdominus, and weakness. 

Women after pregnancy often have one of the following issues; weak pelvic floor, tight pelvic floor muscles, or poorly coordinated pelvic floor movement (did you even know that was a thing?!)

PF PT restores the balance between the pelvis and surrounding structures, improving your FUNCTION! Get back to your life without worrying about leaking when you sneeze, back hurting when you get the baby in the car seat, return to satisfying intimacy with your partner!

What if I had a c-section?

Good question! No matter how baby was born, he or she still placed a TON of stress on your pelvic floor! The weight of the baby, combined with general laxity in the pelvis (to prepare for birth) means you can experience muscle weakness or guarding the same way any momma with a vaginal delivery can. You are also susceptible to the same issues as other women, including diastasis (ab separation), pain with sex, scar tissue immobility, muscle imbalance, and poor neuromotor coordination.

What if my kids are older? 

You count too mama! If you are having issues with bladder/bowel/gas leakage, pain with lifting your kids, core weakness/ab separation/diastasis recti, pain with sex, pelvic pressure, lack of energy, general weakness, or any other physical symptoms or concerns, you are a great candidate!

How can you do physical therapy with a virtual visit on the computer? 

Great question! For most healthcare providers, 90% of getting an accurate diagnosis is all about asking the right questions! Doing a great patient interview is the key. Once we do that, we can target our treatments, which will include customized exercises and stretches (NOT just Kegels), muscle coordination training, education on body mechanics and ergonomics (ranging from how to breastfeed without neck pain to how to lift carry the carseat, and how to lay baby in the crib without back pain). We also guide women through scar massage techniques (think c-section, episiotomy, or tear), as well as return to intimacy, and return to physical activity (think crossfit, running, etc.). We can 100% effectively treat most women! Some women will require an in-person provider and we can assist in coordinating that referral!

What if I don’t feel like I have any “problems”?

Good for you mama! It is probably a good idea to do a PT evaluation first, but we understand that that’s just not what every mama is going to do….and that’s ok! You can instead do a Fitness Consultation! This visit is specifically for women who don’t need medical or therapeutic advice, but are instead looking for guidance on returning to physical activity. This consultation is designed to happen before you start the Mommy Method! This way, you have customized input from your PT to maximize your benefit with the program.  You can opt out of the Fitness Consultation and direct purchase the Mommy Method, but we do require each client to take our Fitness Quiz before purchasing . This allows us to ask some key questions about your health. If you “fail” the quiz, we will recommend a PT evaluation, but the decision is yours to make. In the end, our goal is to make sure you have the best, most beneficial experience, so if you have any further questions please contact us at !

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