Dr. Braden Plowman

As an electromyographer, I perform diagnostic exams on patients that require electrical shocks to the skin and using a small needle that is placed in the muscle to assess electrical activity. These tests aren’t exactly comfortable, but very tolerable to most.  I hate to go against my own gender, but it’s always the guys that have a harder time than the ladies! Ladies, you all are tough. I relate that, partially, to all the pain you experience surrounding child birth. But, just because you ARE tough, doesn’t mean you have to BE tough.  Why not prevent or resolve the issues associated with the pregnancy or birth of your kiddo(s)? Please don’t grin and bear it, Ashley, Krissie and their team have got your back!

As the “behind the scenes guy”, I won’t be taking part in patient care, but I will use my experience as a regional director for a rehabilitation company to help keep things running smoothly so the real gurus can do their thing.  


Member of the American Physical Therapy Association 
Member of the Kentucky Physical Therapy Association



University of Kentucky, Bachelors of Education in Education; Kinesiology
University of Kentucky, Doctorate in Physical Therapy



ECS Board Certified in Electrodiagnostics by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties


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The heart behind New Mom Guru is a formative beast that intends to tackle and submit all the BS obstacles that are keeping mamas from living their best life. (Trust me, I would know … hence my beautiful wife and two daughters.) Misconceptions, lack of knowledge, lack of access, excuses and insurance companies, it’s time to get out of our way! 

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