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Have you ever wished there was an easier way to learn the hard stuff?

Me too.

 That’s why I created New Mom Academy 

How does this work?

Step 1: Join NEW MOM ACADEMY (opens September 1st)

Your $20 monthly membership will grant you full access to our private Facebook group, where you will join other mamas in their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey!

This is literally our best stuff, ALL IN ONE SPOT! No more digging through google, other mom groups, and “experts” on the internet because we’ve collaborated with experts from every area of Women’s Health to put it all in New Mom Academy.

Step 2: Tune into the New Mom Academy each and every day!  

Check in with the New Mom Academy every day, where you’re already hanging

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The New Mom Academy Facebook group includes:

Monthly pregnancy + postpartum fitness plan ( $60 value monthly)

Monthly nutrition plan + grocery list ($40 value monthly)

Weekly tutorials on the Pelvic Floor (priceless!)

Weekly guest speakers 

✓ Breast-feeding 101 course ($40 value)

✓ Surviving Pregnancy course ($40 value)

✓ Birth prep course ($40 value)

✓ Postpartum 101 course ($50 value)

✓ Your “new” body 101 course ($50 value)

✓ C-section recovery guide ($19)

✓ Vaginal birth recovery guide ($19)

✓ Full library of free e-books

Monthly meal plan includes: 

✓ Week by week menu
✓ Grocery list
✓ Convenient + nutritious snack ideas
✓ Daily hydration requirement
✓ Recommended daily fiber intake
✓ Approved by our Registered Dietitian + Lactation Consultant 

Monthly fitness plan includes:



✓ Weekly strength workouts
✓ Bonus flexibility program
✓ Pregnancy safe workout
✓ Postpartum workout
✓ Deep breathing program


Designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Specialists, + a Certified Prenatal + Postpartum Conditioning Coach

Topics we cover:

    • Managing pregnancy
    • Postpartum prep
    • Pregnancy workout do’s + don’ts
    • Pregnancy related bladder leakage
    • Back pain during pregnancy
    • Morning sickness + cravings
    • Strange things that happened during pregnancy + postpartum
    • How to pick a breast pump
    • Home safety checklist + Infant CPR
    • Health insurance basics
    • Hospital bag must have’s
    • Natural ways to induce labor
    • What to expect during labor
    • Natural ways to cope with labor pain
    • Swaddle baths + Kangaroo care
    • Realistic Postpartum
    • Breastfeeding 101
    • A day in the life of a new mom
    • Baby Blues vs Postpartum Depression
    • Potty posture + why it matters
    • Introducing your baby to siblings + pets
    • What is the pelvic floor
    • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    • Postpartum Recovery tips
    • Wound healing
    • Belly breathing
    • Flat Tummy 101
    • Body mechanics
    • Postpartum Recovery foods
    • How nutrition affects healing, sleep, mental health, and energy
    • Alcohol + caffeine while breastfeedin
    • Constipation + pelvic health
    • How to build your breastmilk stash
    • Breastfeeding laws + protection
    • Infant food allergies
    • Bladder leakage + bladder control
    • Ab gap + mommy pooch
    • Soft tissue work
    • pelvic pain + sex
    • Questions for your OB checkup
    • Return to activity timeline
    • Intimate health
    • What to expect in the 1st year
    • Developmental milestones
    • A day in the life of a working mom
    • Birth control + trying to conceive again
"I’m so thankful that I used New Mom Guru! I just had my 3rd child, and even though I felt like I knew what I was doing, they were such a wealth of information- things I had never heard! I truly wish they had come to the hospital for a visit before I left- so that I could ask all the questions! They were very responsive, gave me great exercises to do, and were so good about asking questions. I’m so so glad that this is here for new moms, whether first time mom or if this isn’t your first go around!"
Ashley F.
Mama x 3
"From prenatal to postpartum care, this program covers it all! Love the digital space where you can connect with prenatal/postpartum experts, other moms, & mamas-to-be! - you can book a consult & receive a tailored program to meet your needs! As a 1st time mom I especially loved the breastfeeding tips, fitness knowledge, & physical therapy section (that helped with my back pain). Def recommend if you new to motherhood or even if you’ve already started your journey!"
Torunn L.
Mama x 1

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