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Lactation Services

Can a lactation consultant help me if I’m exclusively pumping?

Oh yes! Breastfeeding and pumping both require lactation, and some women feel that pumping adds a different layer of complexity since your body has to respond to the pump (instead of the intuitive cues of a baby). 

I’ve breastfed my other children, is it silly to see a lactation consultant this time? 

Maybe! Every birth is different, and every child is different. Hopefully it’s a breeze this time! We’re always here if you have questions or support!

Do I have to be on a breastfeeding schedule? 

No. This is something to discuss with your provider. It can be confusing hearing others say that you’ll “spoil” your baby if you “let” them nurse all the time, while others recommend feeding on demand. Our Lactation Consultants are here to explain what all of this means and help you find the right fit for your family!

Can a lactation consultant help me figure out my return to work pumping schedule? 

Definitely, yes! This can be something women don’t consider until it’s almost time to go back to work. Having an experienced resource for how to structure your pumping schedule, how often to clean your pumping supplies, and how long your milk can sit out at room temp is extremely helpful for women trying to work out the details of a return to work schedule. 

I’m nervous about breastfeeding and my baby hasn’t been born yet. Can a lactation consultant help me? 

Absolutely! This is a great time to ask questions and take away some of the (probably) unnecessary stress around breastfeeding. The better prepared you are, the better your chances of success!

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