Doula Services for Moms

Doula is derived from the Greek word meaning “woman servant”. Women have been serving other women in childbirth for centuries and this support has proven safe and invaluable for those women who experience it. Doulas provide emotional and educational support to women who are expecting, in labor, or have recently given birth. Doulas provide a safe, positive, and empowering experience by acting as an advocate for all things mama! Some of the services doulas can provide via telehealth include developing a birth plan, childbirth education, prenatal and postpartum support, breastfeeding advice, and infant sleep training.  Read more to learn about our Doula Services for Moms.


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Birth Plan
Having a birth plan is helpful for outlining mother’s preferences for labor. This includes choice of birth setting, methods of pain relief, etc. A birth plan can also include who is in the room, birth positions, use of accessories (such as a peanut), gentle music, essential oils, and kangaroo care once baby is born.
Childbirth Education
Doulas serve as a wealth of information for women preparing for birth (first time moms and experienced moms alike). During pregnancy, our Doulas can familiarize mama with what to expect during each stage of pregnancy, signs of labor, stages of labor, and safe and effective coping strategies.
Infant Education
Our Doulas are an excellent support system for mothers navigating the early days and weeks after birth. They can provide encouragement through the difficult sleepless stages and educate on what is “normal” infant behavior, or when to seek medical advice.
Breastfeeding Advice
Our Doulas are trained to support women through breastfeeding, providing strategies for following babies hunger cues, feeding schedules, breastfeeding positions, and observe and advise on any difficulties that may require referral to one of our Lactation Consultants.
Infant Sleep Training
Lack of sleep is one of the most high profile struggles that new parents encounter. Sleep patterns are influenced by a variety of environmental, habitual, and dietary patterns. Our Doulas provide safe and effective strategies for helping baby get to sleep … and stay asleep longer! We help families develop a routine for naps, bedtime, night waking, growth spurts, and more.

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