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Doula Services

How can a doula help prepare me for birth?

A doula has many tools for supporting mamas, including help preparing a birth plan, providing education on signs of labor & labor itself, as well as what to expect in the delivery room and once baby  is home.

Do I need a doula?

Research has shown that there are no negative effects to having a doula, and in fact when doulas are involved, statistics show that women are able to have fewer c-sections and more unmedicated or lightly medicated births. Many women enjoy the support of a postpartum doula to nourish the mother-baby relationship, provide guidance on all things baby, including feeding and sleeping patterns, general breastfeeding advice, and family relationship dynamics.

Is a doula the same as a midwife? 

No. A midwife has medical training and is trained to deliver babies in hospitals or at home. Midwives work alongside obstetricians and/or midwives, providing care with uncomplicated deliveries, but do not perform any surgical procedures. A doula does not have formal obstetric training and provides support and guidance to women who are pregnant, in labor, or who have just had a baby.

Does the doula have to come to the birth? 

No. Some doulas specialize in antepartum care (before birth), while others assist women during labor and birth, and some focus on guiding and supporting women immediately after having a baby and in the days and weeks to follow (when at home). 

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