Dietary Help for Moms and Babies

Nourishing the body through the preconception, prenatal, and postpartum stages is essential for both mother and baby. Our Registered Dietitians guide women through food choices, which supplements to take/avoid, and even take into consideration common issues related to pregnancy which affect food consumption and overall maternal health. Read more to learn about our dietary help for moms and babies.

4 Week

postpartum meal plan

We’ve balanced your options to give you enough variety, while still providing a realistic plan. For this reason, you will find just 3 days of meals per week. In “mom” code this translates to a full week because most meals will provide leftovers so you can repeat the next day. Besides, who wants to serve up a new dish every meal?!

Morning Sickness
One of the hallmarks of pregnancy is morning sickness. This pesky issue can turn serious for some women, as they struggle to consume enough nutrient dense foods and hydrating fluids. Our Registered Dietitians can guide you through this tough stage, provide advice on how to “sneak” in calories and fluids, offer supplements and helpful tricks for reducing nausea, and create realistic meal ideas.
Food Cravings
Many women experience to some degree either food aversions or food cravings (or both!). Working with a our Registered Dietitians can help you find ways to incorporate nutritious and desirable food into your diet, so that you AND baby are adequately supported during this stage of immense growth.
Food Allergies
Infant food allergies are more common now than in the past. At New Mom Guru, we understand that they can be difficult to diagnose and scary for your family to navigate. Whether it is a food intolerance or a severe allergy, our Registered Dietitians provide life saving, stress reducing, and delicious alternatives for mother, baby, and the family!
Constipation is a common (although rarely discussed) issue pregnant women experience. Constipation can occur due to a number of factors including reduced gastrointestinal motility, diet changes, morning sickness, dehydration, and reduced activity level. New moms can have this same issue postpartum due to the same reasons, as well as pain medication use! Not to mention bowel movement avoidance (hello pain following childbirth)! Our Registered Dietitians can give you helpful food, movement, and supplement choices that will reduce or altogether resolve your symptoms!
Stress + Fatigue
Pregnant women and new moms face a certain level of fatigue and stress due to the new physical, emotional, and environmental changes that occur when having a baby. These factors may influence a physiological response in you that our Registered Dietitians can assess as a “big picture”. We give realistic, helpful, and healthy advice for navigating food choices in motherhood.

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