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Dietary Services

Can a dietitian help me with weight loss?

Yes, if that is your goal. Your dietitian will assess your current diet, any medical conditions, health concerns (such as breastfeeding), and develop a custom plan to maximize your health.

Can a dietitian help me with increasing milk supply

Yes, but in this case the advice of a lactation consultant would be quite helpful as well. A dietitian can find foods that you enjoy which are believed to improve milk supply, while also providing adequate nourishment.

Can a dietitian help me with my infant’s food allergies? 

Absolutely! Your dietitian will help you follow your pediatrician’s recommendations for eliminating food groups, finding enjoyable recipes and alternatives, and giving you the tools to take charge of your kitchen, while keeping your baby healthy and satisfied!

Can a dietitian help me with recipes and meal planning? 

Yes! Your dietitian is ready with an arsenal of recipes and can develop an exciting and realistic meal plan for you and your family!

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