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Where is New Mom Guru located? 

We are based in Kentucky, but are expanding nationally. If you are located outside Kentucky, but are interested in becoming a partner, please email

Do I need experience as a pelvic floor physical therapist? 

Not necessarily, but this will be a case by case basis. As we do not offer in person visits, formal training in manual techniques for the pelvic floor is not necessary. However, several years experience as a licensed PT is required, and competency in the area of women’s care and pelvic health must be demonstrated. We provide training through New Mom Guru, but this is not to be inclusive of all skills required. We do suggest at least 3 CEU courses in the topic of Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor issues for those who are interested in joining as a partner. We are happy to offer several excellent recommendations to get you started!

What does job training look like? 

This will vary by discipline, but we will provide extensive training and supervisory visits to ensure you are comfortable and competent prior to scheduling you with your own visits.

Do I need experience in Telehealth? 

No! We will provide all necessary training for virtual visits!

How will I be paid? 

New Mom Guru pays out every 2 weeks by direct deposit to your bank account.

Will I be W2 or 1099? 

All employees are 1099 independent contractors. As such, you are required to purchase, provide proof of, and maintain professional liability insurance.

How many hours do I need to work? 

You can set your own schedule. We ask that you provide at least 3 hours per week availability. This ensures consistent care week to week between provider and client. You can “open” your schedule for as many visits as you want, however this does not guarantee 100% booking.

How much paperwork will I have to do? 

Not much. We use a simple SOAP note format for most disciplines. We adhere to state regulations for each discipline, which may require discharge notes and/or 30 day assessments, however these can be concise, as we do not have to submit anything for insurance approval.

Can I do these visits from anywhere?

Yes and no. As this is telehealth, you can conduct a visit from any corner of the world, HOWEVER You cannot perform a New Mom Guru visit on any public WiFi connection or on an unsecured internet connection in a public area. You can only conduct visits for patients located in a state in which you hold a current license or compact license.

still have questions?

Couldn’t find what you were looking for under our Career Frequently Asked Questions? No worries, just reach out to us direclty and a NMG representative will get in touch with you.

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