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Whether you are the glowy pregnant type or the sweaty swollen type (like myself), let’s just pause to remember that you are growing a literal human, from scratch! I’m here to help with mom theory, a virtual village for moms with courses designed to help you navigate each stage of your motherhood experience, created through literal blood, sweat, and tears and with the knowledge and expertise of a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Core + Pelvic Floor Specialist, and Pregnancy + Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist.

 Are you struggling with…

taking care of your new mom bod​

Which Exercises to Do + What to Avoid

Prioritizing Self Care and Mindfulness

a pain free pelvis

bladder and poop problems

finding a Physical Therapist near you that you trust​

paying for in person Physical Therapy appointments

abdominal Separation (Diastasis Recti)​

Pelvic Pressure and Prolapse

Back and Hip Pain

Birth + Postpartum Prep

If you said, “HELL YEAH!” to any of these, then I have just the thing for you.


bump the•o•ry essentials

The Pregnancy Survival Course For The Modern Mom

you deserve to feel

confident during pregnancy and postpartum

I know how it feels to be lost and not confident during the pregnancy and postpartum process. Everywhere you turn you feel like you’re being told this is the norm. Bladder problems, prolapse, pelvic pain? Just deal with it. I used to be right there with you…confused, overwhelmed, and totally fed-up with the lack of support and knowledge I was seeking. I wanted real results.

I finally discovered the way to reach confidence and feel good about the pregnancy and postpartum process.

During my postgraduate training as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, I started one of the first telehealth companies in the country offering Women’s Health/Pelvic Health services. It was clear to me that the pelvis is the GLUE and my certification as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist sealed the deal…..the core + pelvic floor are the KEYS TO THE CASTLE! 

Now I want to show you the way! You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours or dollars to feel prepared and confident in and after your pregnancy. 

Stop wasting time scouring the internet for magic. I promise you it’s not there. You don’t need any of that! You need guidance from someone who gets what you’re going through and knows how to help you cultivate the results you’ve been wishing for. And guess what, bump the•o•ry is just that!

just imagine

if you felt

at peace knowing what to expect

less overwhelmed with change

proud of yourself for taking charge of your body

equipped with real knowledge

Supported by Doctor of Physical Therapy

empowered to take on this next chapter

Satisfied with real results

confident with your new mom bod

Encouraged by a community of mama peers

my clients feel

bump the•o•ry​

focuses on preparation through

Foundational birth + postpartum cONCEPTS

Bladder Problems & Solutions

Poop Problems & SOLUTIONS

Prolapse problems & SOLUTIONS




Birth Prep

this course will

give you the keys to the kingdom

At this point, you may be wondering where to start—I have good news! You can start bump the•o•ry ANY TIME, whether you’re 6 weeks or 6 months along, or even if you have 6 days to go! In fact, some of the things you’ll learn in bump theory will help during your postpartum recovery as well! 

Here’s what’s included…

This comprehensive guide organized by each trimester of pregnancy plus birth prep and newly postpartum survival tips! Receive my ebook including 5 modules packed full of the exact information I use when treating my patients . I cover everything from the 1st trimester through the 3rd trimester. Here’s a sneak peak:

Module 1: Your New Bod
In this module we will cover everything you need to know about your pelvic floor, bladder problems and solutions, poop problems and solutions.

Module 2: Getting Ahead of The Curve
In this module we talk movement, support, and mindfullness.

Module 3: The Secret Sauce
During this module I will teach you the specific exercises that get my clients results every time with bladder leakage, ad separation, and body pain.

Module 4: Pain Free Pelvis
In Module 4 we’re going to switch gears and focus on having a HAPPY PELVIS for a  smooth labor + delivery experience!

Module 5: Birth Prep
Module 5 serves up the real, time tested, mom and Pelvic PT approved list of things you actually need to know and need to do. 

Each module includes an in-depth course video explaining the concepts, techniques, and options you have for a successful first, second, third trimesters and beyond.

Gain access to my entire exercise video library including safe exercises for pregnancy to increase mobility and strength. These exercises can be incorporated into your daily life and used during pregnancy and postpartum. 


Gain access to the private bump the•o•ry portal. This is where you will log on to review your course, watch your videos, and a few extra goodies! Once you purchase my course, you will have lifetime access to the private portal. 

Not only will you receive bump the•o•ry, you will also receive my other ebooks including:

  • Pregnancy Exercise Tips Guide
  • C-Section Recovery Guide
  • Jumpstart Your Postpartum Recovery Guide

Video demonstrations for each exercise with a real life pregnant model and detailed explanations as to the why behind each movement so that you become the expert!

Fun, informative Pelvic Floor 101 tutorials so that you know your body better than anyone when it comes to bladder, bowel, and pelvic floor issues!

Visually appealing and fun tutorials for diastasis recti prevention, preventing and reducing back and hip pain, breathing techniques, and so much more.

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Here’s what’s included:
Bump Theory Essentials  ($269 value)

30 Minute VIP Coaching Session with Dr. Plowman ($150 value)

4 Week Postpartum Meal Plan Formulated by our Registered Dietitian + Lactation Consultant to promote recovery and support lactation– Macros + Calories Included! ($59  value)

4 Week VIP Prenatal Workout Plan including 4 Weeks of Upgraded Workouts, Full Body With Core + Pelvic Floor Focus ($99 value)

VALUED AT = $577
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got questions?

i've got answers

Once you purchase bump theory, you will receive an email with your goods to access my private membership portal. All course material is housed online for easy access.

You will receive the course and course materials via email.

Absolutely! Everything in bump theory is designed with you and your schedule in mind. Go at your own pace when it’s most convenient for you. 

You will have lifetime access!

Ideally anytime during or prior to pregnancy, however Bump Theory Essentials contains must-know info that every pelvis needs to know–so don’t worry if D-day comes before you’ve completed Bump Theory Essentials, you can graduate from Bump Theory Essentials at any time!

I understand that everyone has different learning styles, which is why I’ve got you covered. The content is delivered in multiple ways to speak to your personal learning style. You can watch my course modules or download the ebook–or both! I definitely recommend BOTH, as there are lots of lil’ wisdom nuggets tucked away in the ebook and video modules, so I don’t want you to miss out!

Mom Theory is a unique series of 4 expertly designed programs made just for women navigating the stages of pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond! With Mom Theory, you’ll learn my proven methods for preventing and fixing core and pelvic floor dysfunction, exercising while pregnant, postpartum recovery, return to exercise, and so much more! 

Yes ma’am! In fact, starting Bump Theory Essentials before you’re even pregnant is probably best case scenario! You’ll be ahead of the curve (or bump?) and be able to implement what you learn early on, potentially avoiding a whole range of issues.

We sure do! Mother Up and Bounce are exercise-focused and rely on specific techniques for healing and protecting your core and pelvic floor while maximizing strength, stability, and alignment–which are all things women need, regardless of pregnancy or mama status! Modules 1-3 of Bump Theory include info that every woman needs to know and Module 4 is great to have if/when you experience hip, back, or pelvic pain down the road!

Absolutely! The core + pelvic floor muscles are just like muscles in any other part of the body–you’d never ignore your foot just because you sprained an ankle years ago, right? My clients who have older children have great success with the Mom Theory approach because we target multi-tasker exercises, show you how to sneak my effective tips into the things you’re already doing each day (e.g. microwaving your coffee for the 99th time), emphasize solutions for posture and alignment, and give you the tools to implement everything you learn into your daily life! Take the Mom Theory Quiz to see which program is the right fit for you!

  • Bump Theory is designed for anyone who is pregnant or trying to conceive. This program is broken down into trimesters with focus items in each module organized into “Things To Know” and “Things To Do”. 
    • Module 1 sets the foundation for all the things you’ll need to know to protect your core and pelvic floor muscles, focusing on “Things To Know” so that you can adjust to all the changes your body is experiencing while also getting ahead of the pregnancy game!
    • Module 2 expands on everything you learn in the first module, giving you real, tangible tips for everyday pregnancy life and includes core exercise and activities so that you navigate your changing body effortlessly.
    • Module 3 is where the magic happens, bringing in everything you learned in Modules 1 + 2 as you begin my proven Bump Theory exercise program.
    • Module 4 is where you’ll learn my expert hacks for dealing with pregnancy aches and pains so that you waddle into the delivery room with a happy, healthy pelvis!
    • Module 5 gets down to the nitty gritty, teaching you real life tips and tricks as well as evidence based interventions for birth and postpartum, including push prep and ways to prevent tearing.
  • The Fresh Five (coming soon!) is for anyone who is pregnant, trying to conceive, or who just had a baby. The Fresh Five breaks it all down so that to the nitty gritty so that you know exactly what to DO and NOT DO during the first 5 weeks postpartum so that you are set up for success as you progress through the rest of your recovery and as you get back to all the things you used to enjoy. The Fresh Five is designed to seamlessly transition you from pregnancy back into postpartum fitness/exercise with Mother Up!
  • Mother Up (coming soon!) is for any mama interested in improving strength, fixing diastasis recti, improving posture, and getting back to all the things you used to enjoy. You do not necessarily need to be a mom or a new mom to join Mother Up–this program is perfect for any woman who wants to do the right exercises without risking injury, all while building a strong core and pelvic floor! Mother Up is appropriate for beginner and intermediate fitness levels and is designed to be the intro course to our advanced level program, Bounce.  
  • Bounce (coming soon!) is for any woman interested in initiating or returning to impact or high intensity exercise such as marathons, crossfit, orange theory, power lifting, or HIIT workouts. This program combines the foundational concepts laid in our sister program, Mother Up with dynamic, multi-tasker exercises using specific movements, cues for form and breathing, focusing on lower body and core stability and strength so that your incredible mom bod shines like the bad ass she truly is! For best results, it is strongly recommended that you complete Mother Up prior to Bounce.

No way! If you’re in the last 6 weeks or so of your pregnancy, then I’d recommend skipping ahead to Modules 4 and 5, but if time is really limited, then go ahead and focus on Module 5. You can go back to Modules 1-3 at any time, so don’t worry about a thing mama!

Definitely no! Each module is divided into sections, so that with a quick glance you can decide what you’d like to learn in your allotted time and when you’re ready for the 8 week exercise program, you can quickly reference the easy to follow plan each day!


dr. ashley plowman

 As Core + Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and Certified Pregnancy + Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, I’ve had the pleasure of working with countless women just like you for over a decade, but it wasn’t until I faced my own personal struggles with an emergency c-section, VBAC, and 4th degree tear (yikes) that I realized this whole mama thing shouldn’t be so hard! Since then, I’ve used my platform with New Mom Guru to educate and empower women through the ups and downs of motherhood, as I’ve developed an exceptionally effective method for helping moms not just survive, but thrive during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!

I’ve combined my professional and personal experience to curate a pregnancy + postpartum experience that will help you feel confident and prepared through all of the changes this stage of life brings with it. Mom Theory will give you the power to step confidently into the next chapter, letting go of fear and overwhelm, knowing that you are prepared to face anything thrown your way…mesh panties and all! No more sifting through internet “experts” to find the good stuff–Mom Theory breaks it all down for you so that you have a realistic, evidence based plan for navigating motherhood and your amazing mom-bod, right at your fingertips!